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20050829 ♥
Last footprint@12:25 PM

dear diary,
im counting down the days to the end.

heys..i feel so empty.. jus dunno why..i nvr knew why i felt this way..it all started after well i should say toking.. aiyah.. i didnt think it was ok but i jus felt weird..but it was kinda ok..but still aiyah..i also dunno la.. i jus cant seem to get rid of thoughts.. it seems so weird.. like many months not toking.. or shld i say nvr toked but suddenly things jus came back.. it felt so weird.. i nvr ever had this feeling again since like 2mths ago.. now things are coming back.. i dunno whether this feeling was the same as before but it was definitely different from the past 2 mths..sweeping past each other was long ago..now it started again.. im trying to get out of this misery.. but can i ??i also dunno.. i thot it was long ago tt everything went away.. but things now are telling me different things.. shld i believe in instinct.. or shld i jus go ahead? someone save me.. aiyahs.. nvr mind ab tt.. i ahve no mood to blog.. shall go now.. ciao

♥ Loved, samantha

20050823 ♥
Last footprint@4:22 PM

dear diary,
im counting down the days to the end.

hi! i got a new blog! which is this! hee.. well now i have 2 blogs.. the diaryland one and this.. and im like dying la.. i cant figure out how to use this stupid thingy.. hee.. im too customed to using diaryland alreadi.. hahas (: haha well.. and this blog is like not fully 'equipped' yet cause haha i havet so called put in my links yet.. which is the part where rachel is supposed to help me.. but haha i gave her the wrong username.. hee sorry rachel.. i'll give it to u again.. hahas well.. today was a funny day.. i woke up feeling tired and dragged my body for seminary.. haha halfway through it my phone vibrated... and it was guess who?? haha nvr mind i shant say it..anyway then ya i found out lotsa funny stuff.. then i went to school.. and haha i was like chasing after a bus and yaye! i was fast.. even though i was still slower than the bus but ya.. im still pro..hee((: hahas my chinese test was kinda ok today.. had one free period cause got no test.. hee.. i slept during tt free period la.. hahas..then later went with rachel to j8! hee..we were liking eating none stop la.. hahas.. first we ate tako pachi..then we ate mini toons gummy.. hahas.. then we walked arnd.. then guess wat we ate man?? we ate and bistro delifrance! hee.. we ate buffalo wings! so cool.. haha then rachel's contacts were like poking her so she suddenly started tearing.. it was so scary.. haha... after tt pple tink i bully her then she cry arh.. hahas..yep. wells.. my sis left on 200805.. so sad.. tears were a many at the airport.. we all hugged her individually and we all started crying even before she went into the gate la.. well ya.. my second sis cried the worst out of everyone.. she cried until like she couldnt catch her breath.. well yeah..it feels weird jus not having my sis arnd.. the house feels so empty.. well we look forward to her return in 4 mths time for a holiday!!!! yippee then i'll get to see her again! hahas.. ok.. i gtg.. ciao..

♥ Loved, samantha

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