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20051028 ♥
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dear diary,
im counting down the days to the end.

hi!jus a quick update b4 i go bathe then go for mrs ong!hahas gonna go there and see amilyn chan and rachel tan!hee it rhymes..hahas im pro at this man..ok well everything's quite ok..jus got back my subject combi for next yr..hahas i shant reveal it here..hee if u wanna noe hafta ask me personally..hahas(:well tmr is the last day of school and also the last day tt 2gr'05 will be united as one..it's so sad..but ya..i hope tt i'll get into a nice class next yr..but i guess i wont be in the sme class as rach and kel and xue..so sad):but at least i got renee!hee it's not so bad afterall..hahas ok oh ya i shall post the artistic photo tt me and kel took on the bus tt day..hahas it's realli funny!kk.. i tink i better go alreadi..if not i'll be late for tuition..byeee ciao

♥ Loved, samantha

20051007 ♥
Last footprint@7:32 AM

dear diary,
im counting down the days to the end.

hi..hahas decided to use a colour tt my sis can see with..hahas so here i am again..hee im so excited! exams officially end at 10 tmr!hahas after tt im like a free bird man..hahas cant wait..hahas it's been like so boring la.. all day long studying.. killing all my brain cells lor..hahas so stressed up tt ive been like slping so much la.hahas(:.. like a pig man..hahas well it's like super funny la..hahas im gg like have a vcd marathon man.hahas like tmr or sumthing..hahas eh rachel! are u still going on mon???hahas super weird la.. but good time for exercising..hahas can lose weight!hahas go get from amilyn chan!(: hee.. well i hope if i upload the pic it looks fine..hahas rene is like super cute la!!!!!ahhh.. hahas she was like eating biscuit on sunday then we took picture..oh my.. she looks so angelic and cute la..ahhhh. feel like pinching her man..hahas jie im not sure whether uve seen this but u'll find her so cute also..hahas.. ok enough bout tt..hahas i feel like slping now..hahas maybe i shld.hee kk byeeeee(:

ps: the picture so cute rite???

♥ Loved, samantha

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