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20051124 ♥
Last footprint@12:43 PM

dear diary,
im counting down the days to the end.

heys..well well im like sick again..man i hate being sick..hahas my whole section is like sick also la..hahas jiahui is sick..yiyan is also sick then im sick also!ahhh tt means today in band nobody from my section was there!oh man but realli we are like all sick we didnt pon hor..man hahas well im like having flu,cough and a little weeny bit of fever..haha i also dunno whether tmr can go for band anot..aiyah at this rate i dunno how to pass my band camp consent form la..hahas well yeah i still feel a little woozy but yeah..hahas okok i shant blog so much today but yeah hee i was so bored so i went to do quizzes..hahahs it was so fun la..i shall post some here..
Your Celebrity Sisters Are Jessica and Ashlee

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You are White Chocolate

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You are an understated beauty, and your power is often underestimated!
What Kind of Chocolate Are You?

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coolness<3 cellspacing="0" cellpadding="2" width="350" align="center" border="0">Your Fashion Style is Girly

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What's Your Fashion Style?

♥ Loved, samantha

20051122 ♥
Last footprint@2:55 PM

dear diary,
im counting down the days to the end.

heys..well yest went to j8 to pass kelly the vcd..hee we ended up like walking arnd for like so long when it was supposed to be onli a short while..hahas well yeah we met up with sara also..hee it was so funny..well we went to bum equip first to check out the stuff..hahas it was so funny we kept like gg in and out of the changing room..hahas well anyway the staff lady there was like super irritating..she was like in sucha bad mood.it seems like she was pmsing or sumthing..i mean seriously she started scolding her like colleague realli badly in front of like all the customers la.like watever lor..anyway yeah i wanted to buy a like green shorts from bum but they had no size alreadi..so yeah but kelly bought it!hahas yeah well then we bought a shirt!it's like damn nice la..so pretty..hee so yeah we were like walking arnd and yeah i bought a like towel material shorts from fox!it's so nice..sara has the same one..jus tt its pink..hee yeah well it was so funny..well yeah today i had band..i was so tired..and my mouth hurts from all the playing..crap la..well yeah ok im tired alreadi..shall go and rest...ciao

♥ Loved, samantha

20051119 ♥
Last footprint@9:25 AM

dear diary,
im counting down the days to the end.

hahas ok here i am blogging again after like a million years..hahas im always too lazy to update ya see..hee well yesterday i went to watch harry potter with my sis and mum!oh man i love tt show!it was like so good..i found this one the best out of the 4 books..hahas man..i wanna watch it again!so exciting![:hee yeah well watched the 9 plus show at night so it ended like 12 plus i was so tired after the movie man..sumore i had like band the next day..well so i slept at like 1am?i had to wake up at 7 oh man..my mum woke me up and i was so reluctant i wanted to skip band cause i had bad cramps and i was abit drowsy cause not enough sleep..but i decided to go in the end..wells hee mr yap didnt come today he was sick so yeah..michelle conducted the band..hahas well then after band me and kelly decided to go junction 8 for awhile to walk arnd..haha yeah we were like walking arnd the 2nd level from shop to shop..hee so yeah kelly tues is set!hee im so excited![:hahas i tink im gg mad man..hahas well later in like maybe half an hours time i gotta go alreadi cause gg for the joseph smith's bicentennial celebration thingy at NAFA..yups hahas.. ahh tmr i hafta wake up early for mrs ong..hee but yeah tmr's gonna be boring again..hee[:oh wells yeah kk i got nothing realli much to write so yeah..ciao byee[:

♥ Loved, samantha

20051110 ♥
Last footprint@2:44 AM

dear diary,
im counting down the days to the end.

hey..im being obligated by rachel to come and blog..hahas well anyways these few days are like ok la..i had stake conference on sunday..not too bad but i was kinda sleepy..hee[: but anyway on mon was my bdae so i went out with kelly to pass her her liuxinghuayuan then shun bian go walk arnd..hahas we walked arnd the whole of j8 la..hee we were like trying to find suitable tshirts to buy but then arh couldnt cause j8 very limited shops..yeah..nvr mind kelly..we shall go out another day to go find!hee well yeah we were like walking from shop to shop and talking..hee and i wanna buy the bum equip shorts!it's like damn nice la..hee i shall go buy it like tmr or sumthing..hahas[:we then later go then neos..hee it was like so crowded there la..so many pple taking..we waited like quite long for the machine and the pple still haven finish so we decided to take another machine instead..well the thingy was so fast and we couldnt think of our poses fast enough so in the end it came out kinda screwed..hahas so we decided to take another time with another machine!hee well yeah the second one turned out much better to out relieve..hahas oh yeah thanks for the pressie pple![:hee it's nice la but sorry to say it's too small..i cant wear it..hahas well yeah we bought gummies!hee..yeah we kept gg in and out of seiyu la..hahas super funny..we kept like looking and weird lingerie..hahas it was so farni..[:yeah..basically we walked for like 3 over hours from shop to shop looking and searching for tshirts!hahas yeah but we didnt manage to find one in the end..aiyah..well nvr mind.hee then yesterday woke up early in the morning for band..hahas i was like super tired la..but yeah it's was quite ok overall la..hahas then went home and slack and slack watching tv,using the com..hahas normal routine la..tt's usually wat i do everyday.hahas..i need new clothing!hee and new slippies aiyah basically new everything la..hahas and rene is like super cute la.so adorable..hee..well now im jus waiting for my piano teacher to call me to go for piano..hahas i very tired arh..but yeah still hafta go..hahas well yeah oh ya..many things happened on last fri but i dun feel like toking abt it yeah..too saddening to be reminded of it again..aiyah..hahas i forgot to add tt i had a beautiful cake and a scrumtous dinner on my bdae..hahas i ate at damenlou..so good..hahas ok i shall end here..ciao

♥ Loved, samantha

20051103 ♥
Last footprint@10:18 AM

dear diary,
im counting down the days to the end.

heys everyone!hees its kelly's birthday today!so i purposely put a big happy bdae to you!hahas..well today was so boring man..jus stayed at home and slackk..hahas im damn lazy la..i wanted to go get my photos printed then i decided not to cause too lazy alreadi..hahas[:i should have jus gone out man..hee but nvr mind anyway im gg out this friday with kelly!hahas im supposed to pass her the vcd too!hee hahas i wanna take neos man..i havent taken them in a long time alreadi..haha so i shall go take it!come kelly!lets go take it this friday!hahas so exciting![:i feel so tired..next wk band starts alreadi..so sian.hahas sumore every tues,thurs and fri..ahhhh im gonna faint!hahas but i tink im gonna write letter and say i cannot march..cause it's true im not supposed to actually..hahas cause i wear a brace!hee yups aiyah so tired..ive been using the com almost the whole day..hahas gg on and off..ahhh i was helping my sis with her songs jus now..hahas but the last song still cannot leh..the song cannot copy over..i shall hafta try another day alreadi..im too tired to do it now..still cant figure out why leh...will figure it out another day la..hee[:so da jie i'll be a little slow in sending u ure yong yuan bu shuo zai jian..hahas..nvr mind let me tok bt yest..hahas i went over to charmaine's hse for halloween party thingy..hahas i dressed up as a witch!hee but half the time i wasnt wearing the witch hat cause it was making my head perspire..hee i'll post it up but it's so cool and funny la..we had like so much fun laughing and putting on the wig..hahahs later if i get my photos printed then i post it up here..hahas kk i gtg now..byeee[:

♥ Loved, samantha

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