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20060820 ♥
Last footprint@12:08 PM

dear diary,
im counting down the days to the end.

hey pple.hahas okay i havent blogged in ages again.but here am i.yup anyway got nothing much to update la.but yeah ohh i went to sentosa yest!!ohh man it was so fun la.we played like beach volleyball, soccer, frisbee and some water sling game!hahas it was so fun la and i built sandcastle with kan!!hahas it was quite shi bai-ed so we decided to abandon it!hee yeah but was really tired after it.den i ate the cheesy bites pizza thingy from pizza hut yest for dinner!!hahas went with my dad and sis.it was okay onli la the first time you eat it it's fine but as you continue to eat it it's like super not nice already.hahas i dun tink i'll eat it again la.so sick of it already.yeah anyway today is the star's bdae!!! so i jus wanna say

yep he wont see it la but i jus wanted to say it.have a very good 18th bdae!yups aiyah okayy i shall go and eat my lunch now.

♥ Loved, samantha

20060808 ♥
Last footprint@7:48 PM

dear diary,
im counting down the days to the end.

okayy oh wells had handover today 080806,well i should say it's like really sad cause today was like the official last day we had with our seniors.we had like phototaking for this batch with the teachers and den we had like you noe the performances by each level.sec 3s did the treasure hunt thingy and hahas my clues were so cheem tt majella yiyan and chenxi couldnt figure out la.hahas den the sec 3s played insignia okayy it's not a very sad song but we couldnt find anything else already.and oh my gosh yiyan had this gross eeky rubber spider tt she was like trying to scare me with la.i almost died of fright.and den jiahui jus had to throw it on my lap and i was like too shocked and scared tt i started tearing la and the sec 2s were like gonna start their performance already.they sang this song by dunno who and it's like entitled we'll miss you or sumthing.and i dunno why when i was looking at the lyrics i couldnt take it i jus started crying.the lyrics were like all related to leaving and stuff and i was like quite affected by it.aiyah im like so lousy la.hee den at the end of everything yiyan and the section went to the normal spiral staircase to like give presents and stuff.hee the first present was like super funny cause yiyan gave us like her photo with ther signature on it!hahas the section almost died laughing la.but she gave us really meaningful presents.the first one was like the cd.all the songs she burnt for us was like all related to us and when she was like explaining the meaning i started to tear again.i had been holding my tears since the time when the handover ceremony was being carried out.and when michelle started to cry, i couldnt hold back i started tearing again.okayy den i stopped crying and yiyan continued with the presents.we each had letters and i read it like the last after i opened all the other presents.and guess wat?tt was like the ultimate already.the words she wrote to me really struck me so hard tt i started crying and singhun was like also crying and the 2 of us were the ones who cried really badly.i seriously couldnt stop la and kelly was like trying so hard to comfort me but i jus couldnt talk and couldnt stop crying la.and kelly was like dont cry kinda thing.and michelle was trying to make me stop crying by stuffing me with toilet paper.hahas but i jus couldnt.the moment one of dem start talking sumthing abt handover i would jus like start tearing already.but the 2 of them were really nice to sit dere and comfort me!thanks load michelle and kelly!(:yeah and michelle managed to make me stop crying.yeah and trombones and euphos went to cine and we ate kobayashi!super nice la and yeah we took like individual section neos and lower brass neos.hee it's kinda like screwed but it's like the handover memory for year 2006.oh man yeah anyway yiyan and singhun i'll try to get you guys present by friday okayy?i suddenly feel tt i love my section so so much.

♥ Loved, samantha

20060802 ♥
Last footprint@5:05 PM

dear diary,
im counting down the days to the end.

oh wells i shall update abit b4 i go for tuition.ahh anyways handover is like in less than a week's time.im so stressed and scared abt it.i nvr expected it to come so fast.it's tiring jus thinking abt it.well i guess everyone is stressed out abt it.having to plan stuff and all.ahh im like losing my voice by the days and my nose is super irritating.it's like blocked since morning la.arghh well gonna settle stuff tmr after school and oh wells i shall keep things in.hee anyways it's almost been a week since i removed my braces!hahas i was like super happy la.finally can play properly already.but im like so wrong la my playing is even worse now.now i hafta put in super alot more effort b4 i can play properly and i dun have much time left.it's tough really having a section of 6 pple.it really kills i guess even though there's still jiahui with me.it's still gonna be a big challenge to me.anyways yiyan made me read her blog entry hahas it was really sweet of her to say the section helped her or sumthing i cant really rmb.hee cause i cant rmb anything except tt i was very whiny during band pracs and i gave her the most problems and well i should say let her lose her smile the last time.oh wells i jus wanna say i'll really really miss you guys, yiyan and singhun.you really made in a difference in my life by teaching me so much during this 2 years with you all.oh wells kay i better not type too much touching words the more i type the more prone am i to breaking down.i really hope things will turn out fine i really do.it's actually abit too much at this time now.

♥ Loved, samantha

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