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dear diary,
im counting down the days to the end.

heys..decided to blog before exams start.. which is like in 2 days time including today..hahasso freaky la.. like i dun wan it to come so soon but i wan it to finish soon..hahas super contradicting la..oh wells aiyah been so sian like most of the time tt i dun wanna update la.. hahas so i decided to write like one more post before eoys.hahas..wells im considering whether i shld get like encouragement thingys for my frens or not.. hahas i also dunno..(:wells i feel like ponning school tmr but dun tink mother will allow..so sian la.. i rather stay at home and study peaceful man.. school is like super noisy lor.. cannot concentrate properly..hahas well maybe i shall jus continue to be a guai kid and jus go..hahas.ahh i dun wan geog paper to be so early.. suck la..history also lor.. at this rate i tink i'll fail la..aiyah..hope i wun blank out and forget everything tt i learn man..ahhh sumbody save me.. hahas so lame la..anyways hee im alreadi like planning wat to do after exams alreadi la.. hahas damn bad la..tinking of this kinda things before exams even start la..hahas me,xuehui,rach and kelly are like thinking of gg kbox but kelly say very little pple not fun..so we either get more pple or sumthing.. hahas i also dunno.. but i wanna go!!!hahas i wanna do like alot of things la..hahas anyway rachel! we haven decided on our plan yet.. like wat..exams are like in 2 days time!!hahas..we still need to plan alot of stuff la if u still wanna go ahead with it..hahas i dunno la..up to u la.. hee well xuehui didnt come to school today!!hahas stupid la..hee leave me alone..hahas actually no la.. i was like playing so badly in class la..hahas like using the stupid towel and hitting chris and weizhen..hahas then mrs chia was like laughing at me la...cause i was like making funny things with the pink hanky..hahas then amanda come and try to act stern arh..hahas..well miss class rep.. i shall go and dig up more info from you man..hahas.. dun worry it's not sumthing bad..hahas(: aww man.. i tink i sprained it la.. it's like super pain la.. eeyer now i cannot even bend my head back la..so irritating la..hee im like gonna see the lime mag later..see whether worth buying or not..hahas xuehui wans to read it and i might buy it for her sake..hahas dunno also la.. i shall go investigate it later..hahas ok la.. gtg now.. ciao

♥ Loved, samantha

20050906 ♥
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dear diary,
im counting down the days to the end.

heys.. got nothing to do so jus decided to write some crap... hahas ok i feel like slping.. so gtg.. byeees

♥ Loved, samantha

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