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20060617 ♥
Last footprint@8:33 AM

dear diary,
im counting down the days to the end.

hey jus wanna post before i leave.wells im at the airport now waiting to board the plane.but it's like still early so yeah but the internet is running out alreadi so yeah i jus felt like posting so i'll be back soon on the 22th of june!see ya guys den.hahs i wont be posting so often now as you see i wont realli have much of the time when i come back.hee kelly!we'll arrange when we come back okay?:] ahh hahas im like still gonna miss the 19th of june!hahas nvr mind i'll shall maybe like suggest and see whether anybody wans to have like any other outing another time.oh wells have fun guys!:]yeah oh wells i shall go and think of wat to buy when i reach hong kong.need to buy stuff for pple.yups kk i better get gg now.time is running short.<3

♥ Loved, samantha

20060616 ♥
Last footprint@11:05 AM

dear diary,
im counting down the days to the end.

hey im here to post b4 i leave for hong kong tmr.ahh im excited to go to hong kong!can buy alot of things dere but den i will also be missing the outing and also alot of time.hahas oh man school is like gonna reopen alreadi.i kinda dread it but also cant wait to go back and see my frens:] hahas yeah well nothing realli much has happened these few days jus been slacking at home sumtimes do hw and stuff.2 days ago i went to the gym with my sister!hahas it was like the onli day i went dere the next day i didnt go cause like i was aching all over like seriously aching i was in like so much pain la.hee yup tt morning after seminary was watching the guys,jesslyn and cheryl playing bridge.im like super lousy so i didnt want to play in case i pull my partner down.hahas shaun was like trying to get rid of "the monster" from the game and like after 9 rounds den he managed to.hahas it was super funny watching dem play.quite exciting also.oh wells im gonna go to funan mall after this to go book the room for my practice b4 my piano exam.yups im like super scared and nervous again as usual.but this time it's worse cause im taking grade 8!im like freaking out so badly.everytime i go for piano and my teacher tests me scales i'll start shivering but even though i noe and can play the scales alreadi i'll start to fumble cause im like panicking too much alreadi.i realli hope i can pass mu grade 8 once and for all.hahas if not i'll hafta like pay another 300 plus to retake.argh somebody save me man.oh wells i shall go and rest b4 i go.so yeah shall update another time den:]

♥ Loved, samantha

20060612 ♥
Last footprint@11:07 AM

dear diary,
im counting down the days to the end.

hey im back again.wells wasnt here for like 1 week cause i was in kedah.went dere for an exchange with the band dere.well i should say they are like super pro la.all so loud and good oh wells im feeling so sad it's like why does it have to be on when im like not free.worst still i wont be in singapore!argh tt was like my 1 and onli chance la and i have to forgo it.wat is this man.aiyah nvr mind i shall not talk abt it.anyway i decided to remove my password for awhile cause something made me change my mind and i decided tt passwords were like a restriction so yeah.hahas i shall update abit on the kedah trip.well basically i like slept throughout most of the journey up.i was like too tired alreadi.me and kelly were like the ones on bus 1 who were like always sleeping la.but yeah.we're like super cool okay.so we stopped by yong peng for a toilet break.okay no offence but i was seriously not used to the toilet dere okay.and worst still my auntie came okay.and i needed to use la but i was so eeked out i refused to use it.so yeah i suffered in the end la.but we reached kedah like so much later den expected lor supposed to reach at 8 plus we ended up reaching at like 10 so we couldnt like do much jus bathe and slp.

5th june
okay today we went over to SMK sultanah asmah school in short sas.hahas yeah we had like exchange with our various different sections.my section mates were quite friendly i should say.hahas all were girls so was quite easy to interact.we had sectionals den break and combine band prac.oh man the combine band was like super pro la dey were so loud and good.i envy them.hahas yeah den we had prac in the concert hall and den went to our new hotel check in and stuff.okay this new hotel i should say wasnt as good as the previous one.many of us had quite bad experiences dere so yeah.but i shant complain abt it since it's over alreadi.yeah anyway since my bunk was like the onli bunk without a sec 4.pple liked to crash my bunk.hahas my bunk was interconnected with jiaxin's bunk so we kept like talking and crossing bunk kinda thing.quite fun la.hahas so yeah we managed to bathe and all and we were like hooked on watching the champion dere lor.hahas we had dinner at the hotel restaurant and yeah we had some fun night activities and den it was nighty nite:]

6th june
we went back to the concert hall and had our final prac with the other 2 bands.den we went for lunch and went back to the hotel to change into our full band uniform for the concert which was due to start at 2.30.so yeah we got dressed.had uniform check and stuff and we set off for the concert hall.we had to like wait for and hour plus cause we onli performed for the second half so yeah.hahas michelle was so tired she like slept on my leg.yeah finally she woke up cause we were gg to perform alreadi.the performance went well i should say.i had like quite alot of mispitches.i feel so guilty.anyways yup den went back to the hotel and rest had dinner,debrief and den sleep.hahas lynn came over and slept with us super funny

7th june
today was back to the school again and we had like interactions with the band members dere.we played like traditional games.learned sum dances and sum musical instruments.overall it was quite fun.den we went to the padi musuem and see see.den we said our last goodbyes to the band and we went back to the hotel to wash up.we took quite alot of pictures with our section mates.i'll post it when i get them.dey are like all so cute la.hahas so yeah we had dinner in the hotel again.and since it was the last night in tt hotel we had night activities again.it was quite fun but my grp leader yiyan was not feeling too well so yeah.we seperated back to our bunks and had our own stuff.and well i should say this night wasnt a very good night cause too many things were happening at the same time and i didnt noe how to react.they jus came in altogether i realli felt like crying but i didnt want to add anymore trouble to the rest so i jus kept it in me.i noe it's bad but it's for the better.it was like the first time i ever saw the cheerful jiahui so solemn.okay so yeah michelle went over to jiaxin's bunk and i went over too after my unsuccessful attempt to get into yiyan's bunk to visit here.so yeah i was like telling her abt all the stuff and yeah i felt so much better.den she came over to my bunk and we started talking.majella and lynn came over too.we talked until like 12 plus to 1 den michelle went back to her own bunk and majella and lynn stayed over at my bunk.we were like playing for awhile before we all finally fell aslp.so yeah it was quite fun

8th june
our second last day for the whole trip.we woke up and set off to kuala lumpur.the bus journey as usual was gonna be long.and since i didnt have much slp the night before i slept super peacefully for like almost the whole journey.amazing huh.hahas so yeah we arrived in kl took pics in front of the twin towers and headed for klcc shopping centre.okay tt place is like super high class la so dere was like nothing much to see and buy.den we headed for a chocolate gallery.hahas i bought like a few boxes home.we procceded on to sungei wang shopping centre.my grp split into half and went walking arnd.we were like late to go back to our buses cause the guy at the sports shop was so slow.hahas so yeah we stayed in hotel stamford and haha it was okay la the hotel.meiying came over as well as lynn.and we played like taiti.hahas i played until like 2 plus i couldnt take it alreadi.dey played until like 3.30 lor.wah i pei fu dem.hahas

9th june
the last day of our trip.we headed to malacca for our last shopping stop before we headed back to dear singapore.wells we went to mahkota shopping mall and as usual dere was nothing to buy.haha so yeah shopped for awhile and den went for lunch at a famous restaurant.it was a good lunch.so we headed for singapore and bought sum local produce before coming back.so yeah we were all so tired when we arrived back.but i was memorable

so yeah i shall stop here shall post again soon:]

♥ Loved, samantha

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