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dear diary,
im counting down the days to the end.

heys.i havent updated in like super long time probably a month or so?hahas well been realli busy and sian as well to update.hahas but den suddenly felt like updating.hee im like super happy!zhiyang won yest!hahas even though he wasnt my fav from the start but yest he sang realli well!haha i was so touched by it.hee sang it so nicely.jus like wang lee hom.hahas but yeah haha yest got to see adriano on tv again!hahas it was so funny his expression when he sang easy come easy go.haha his face was too stern alreadi.so not him la.hahas but yeah yuyang ran in a super funny manner yest.amanda was like showing me today la.haha yeah anyways had sports day today!it was quite fun.but yeah so hot and stuffy.i almost wanted to puke la.haha yeah but den it was quite fun overall.den went for lunch with jazreen.kelly.yanny.raina and cheryl at sakae.hahas we ate like super little la.cause we all couldnt like eat too much.hee yup den like now im blogging haha im so sian later got tuition some more.den i hafta rush home for my campus superstar le fan tian!hahas i end tuition at like 8 la gonna miss like 10 mins of the show again.hahas but nvr mind better den not being able to watch anything.hee yup after today my mondays will be like super weird and funny cause got nothing to look forward too.usually every monday i will be like rushing home to watch campus den now dun have alreadi.today is like the last day alreadi.so sad la.haha i have like super alot of memories of this show la.haha but i shant say cause it's so embarrassing.haha yup okay i shall end here.wanna go get some rest alreadi.ciao

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