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20060530 ♥
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dear diary,
im counting down the days to the end.

im here again to blog!:]wells this week has been quite hectic for me.on mon went for sectionals and it was well quite fun but abit tiring la.hee anyway the outing has been changed again and i tink it will like clash with my holiday date la.argh den i wont have the chance.oh man i feel so sad:(aiyah but this kinda thing is actually quite common.so yeah.hee i'll be like gg away for my kedah trip this sunday so wont be like updating for 1 week plus.will update when i come back!today went to school for mock oral.i was so scared tt i'll screw it up but it was fine!hahahas lucky i did okay.oh yeah me and my family went to eat ice cream on sat!hahas it was kinda funny but yeah i'll post pictures on it.me and my sis look abit weird but yeah we were like eating the cone ice cream den my parents ate banana split!it was so pretty.haha im like addicted to the er mo zai shen bian show lor.the ending abit weird la but hahaha at least it's still a good ending.im like re-watching again now.i hafta like wake up so early everyday lor.i feel so exhausted like it's not a holiday.hee im gonna do cip on thurs!gg with amanda the yuyang fan and jennet!hee it's like gonna be a morning to afternoon affair thing so yeah im gonna be tired again.hahas yeah on like the last day of school was also my co op teacher mrs lim's last day.she's like gonna work in temasek holdings.so sad lor she teaches well la a pity i wont get her next term alreadi.oh wells okay i gtg now.ciao

♥ Loved, samantha

20060517 ♥
Last footprint@8:55 PM

dear diary,
im counting down the days to the end.

hey everyone.hahas im posting again well for the first time not in a month's time.hahas anyway wanna say:
hahas well i hope you like my present girl.hee well so many pple are like born on the 17th of may la.dere's like clara.rachel and wang lee hom also.wah cant believe it lor.hahas my birthday got so little pple one.hais so sad.wells i shall post the picture of rachel's present when i go develop it.hee yep well now it's like 2 days to open house and all of us are like panicking like crazy cause like our group is quite slack like renee is always doing all the work.i feel so bad.i mean like it's not fair.i suddenly feel super guilty.wah sorry renee!wells me.renee and zhiying are like gg to buy the ingredients tmr for sat's open house.wah i tink im gonna panic.i hope everything turns out fine.pple can come and support!our stall is selling something very creative!hahas very nice to eat sumore.oh wells.
wells haha i forgot to say sumthing realli funny.i sent like the email twice to ch and it's like i send the 2nd time because i didnt see my name on the list of pple tt sent alreadi and i thot mine nvr send so i send again and den he like posted on the fc a msg tt at the end come and say wat he receive my email alreadi.thanks.hahas i was like super embarrassed la.hahas yeah but i'll get over it.yups anyway gotta go do pw alreadi.ciao pple:]

♥ Loved, samantha

20060509 ♥
Last footprint@7:13 PM

dear diary,
im counting down the days to the end.

hey everyone.im back!well like as usual havent posted for more than a month alreadi.well since i have free time might as well blog.hahas yups now mostly everyone is like mugging for their mid yrs but im happy to say i dun have!hahas okay i noe it sounds quite mean to the rest but yeah i have test like practically every week.hahas well i dun have school tmr.it's election day holiday for us.wow how cool is tt man.but the hol seems like it's not a hol.i have piano early in the morning den after tt i have to take a like 1 hour plus journey all the way to boon lay( i stay in thomson btw) jus for pw.haha see how good i am to my grp!haha:]yups den after tt go home and go for tuition at night.it's gonna be sucha hectic day even worse than norm school day.aiyah.hahas i wanted to go and reply abt the fc outing but den i cant rmb where i left the papers on wat to write and stuff and i cant tink of anything to write so maybe another time den i send back to him.hahas wells im busy thinking of wat to get rachel for her birthday.all the others all dunno also aiyah im like thinking of printing a jigsaw for her but den i dun tink it's very nice also.so sian la.argh.wells maybe i'll wait for sara to go and see wat to get her den i jus chip in!hahas i feel so cheater.wells today we had dramafest semifinals and it was okay la i should say.hahas the pants i wore was like super oversized and i refused to get out of the toilet!hahas and claire was like asking me to put it down so she can see.but i jus didnt want la.hahas yeah and was like watching joanne braid claire and nat's hair.she's so pro in tying braids!one day i shall learn from her:)yeah den my life saver hui min come and gave me safety pins!jus the thing i needed hahas thanks loads hui min!hee yups den went throught the whole dramafest jus like tt.yups it was quite an okay day.hahas okay my sis wans to use the com alreadi.i'll update another time ciao

♥ Loved, samantha

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