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dear diary,
im counting down the days to the end.

hey.jus wanna post a short one b4 gg off.wells i start work tmr!and it's on my birthday can you believe it!oh wells i'll jus hafta spend my birthday with dearest huimin den(:hehe yeah im really tired today not sure why.and im like waiting for the person to upload the other 4 parts of wei xiao pasta!!!i've been like waiting since 8 plus.oh man why so slow?i really wanna watch it finish b4 i go to bed.i gotta wake up early tmr!!!and i wont end work until 6 so i hafta wait really long if i wanna watch it tmr!rahh.okay i shall be patient but my eyes are really closing!pls pls pls upload it!!wahh okay fine on sat went for chem tuition and den at 4 went for seminary grad.didnt manage to get my 100% but i still got 97!hehe yup it was quite fun although i onli managed to take like 2 pictures with ms kandace cause i couldnt like catch the others.yup i'll upload it soon cause the internet abit slow now.yup had band today.oh man i thot we would choose the piece today but mr yap said gonna play more den choose.argh cheat my feelings la.yep i wont be gg for band for like 3 weeks.i hope my section behaves and practises and not slack!hahas yeps okay i gtg now(:

♥ Loved, samantha

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dear diary,
im counting down the days to the end.

hi im back again.wells i jus changed my blogskin!it's much simpler compared to my previous one.but i find it kinda nice so yeah.im jus like slacking at home today didnt do much watching funny shows on youtube.oh yeah i forgot to update on the tangyuan day!wells 26th we had holiday so xue and rach came over to make tang yuan and brownies!hahas in the morning went to bates to hand in my contract for work attachment.yup went with huimin and my mama.it was a really long walk dere from cityhall but it was okay la.not so bad.kay now on the tang yuan we went to ntuc and shopped for ingredients!yup took bus back to my house and we started to make.it was quite fast la cause we split the job i did brownies while the other 2 did the dough for tang yuan.we laughed like super alot la all thanks to xuehui who kept on doing weird stuff.yup and here comes the exciting part.i wanted to go ask my grandmama whether the sugar water can add colouring.so i was like running out of the kitchen and jus as i was gonna step out i stepped on sumthing and my foot hurt.so i thought it was jus some rice bits.i lifted my leg up and flicked the thing off and guess wat?blood started gushing out jus like a tap.whoa was it pain man.i was like screaming for tissue and my sister.hee the whole part of the kitchen floor was like a puddle of my blood la.hahas xue and rach kept squealing cause it was kinda sick.yup my leg couldnt stop bleeding la.hahas when the 2 of them saw the soaked red tissue they were kinda grossed out.yup my first aider sister helped me wrap my leg.yup i have like abit difficulty walking cause its on my sole.hahas but im fine now so no biggy.yep i'll upload some of the photos taken on tt day another time.

♥ Loved, samantha

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