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dear diary,
im counting down the days to the end.

heys everyone.hahas it's like been a month or so since i blogged.hahas i was so busy and caught up with schoolwork and stuff.so stressful la.hahas but yeah im like at home now cause most of the sec 3s went for obs then im like exempted so yeah.hee well i shall blog abit bout things here in singapore and stuff.okay hee yeah yups hee went for seminary today and cheryl didnt go!hahas yeah she's like sick or sumthing.not sure.hahas yups then walked to the mrt there with jesslyn and she was like gg crazy at looking at the i weekly cause got her fav yuyang.hahas then i was telling her how he's the mean one who caused adriano to go out.hahas then she was like dun be so mean okay.hahas she suddenly scream when she saw who was on the cover of the magazine la.hahas super funny,yeah came home then like slept cause was like so tired.hee medication problem.lala yups hee cant wait for next week when the semi finals 2 comes.hee i hope adriano sings properly man.hahas i dun wan him to go out la.hahas but nvr mind hee so sad jesslyn is like gg for the j8 thingy this sat and i cant go.wahhh i got like tuition at 4 and the thing is like at 230 la.wat is this lor.everytime got no chance to go and see one.so unfair.hahas i wanna go!!!!!ahhhhh.so sad.hee im like listening to jia get wo now.it's so nice.hahas yeah im gonna watch the basketball match tmr at ccab.hee i tink im gonna lose my voice again hahas cause i'll be like screaming like a crazy person la.hee but nvr mind it's worth it for the team.hahas i wish them all the best.monday was a like super boring day la.i didnt bring anything to do in school cause dunno wat to bring then i spend like 1 hour to write sum reflection thingy then i had like nothing to do la.so me and claire were like stoning and stoning.hee then like we had recess.ate with aries and enwei.hahas yup then we went to the bookshop to get like weird games to play and spend the time away.hahas so yeah we had quite alot of fun la.hahas yup then went with jolyn and aries to the basketball match at ccab.hahas it was against rgs.and like we lost by 2 points.like nat phua and yingxin cried realli bad cause yeah aiyah the referees there are like super biased la cant stand them.but yeah i screamed until i almost died la.hahas then the next day got no voice la.hahas super funny.but yeah hee:]they are playing against cedar tmr so yeah.coolness.hahas yups yeah kelly's gonna be like screaming abt her cool gurl when she comes back man.hahas funny.yups okay not much to update alreadi.okays ciao

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